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We are very happy to announce 3 new team members


Christoph LambotChristoph Lambot

Hi, my name is Christoph Lambot I’m 22 years old and I just started working for LogiQstar as Marketing and Sales assistant. This is my first job and I’m really excited to start working. I have been a marketing ‘guru’ since I was  16. All I did since then was organize events and marketed them. I’m a very enthusiastic person and when I believe in something I want to be part of it and improve it were I can. LogiQstar is an innovative product with great potential and I hope I can help it grow, so more people can use LogiQstar to facilitate their lives.

"Marketing has always been a passion of me and it’s a fantastic opportunity to brand such a great product as LogiQstar in my first job!"


 Patrick TyssenPatrick Tyssen

Hi my name is Patrick Tyssen. I was born in Antwerp in 1960. My passion for IT dates back a long time. From the time I first came in contact with programmable calculators.
I have been connected to harbor companies in logistics for my entire career. I did mainly development, maintenance, training of software for container management or propertymanagement on fruit terminals.

"Since October the 1st I have been working with Xolyd as a Technical Consultant. I love to work with a team on a puzzle to find the most efficient solution, LogiQstar is all about efficiency and it’s great to be part of this team!"



ricardo menezes

Ricardo Menezes

My name is Ricardo Menezes and I’ve been working with Xolyd Iberica since September 1st. I work mostly on sales, and that is what I love to do. I love to know different people and to travel! I have 18 years of Professional Experience, focusing Consulting in Marketing, Management, Finance and IT Account Management. Manager at Deloitte, Manager at Favvus Group and Account Executive at Link Management Solutions.

Main Areas:
Management Consulting, Incentives, Corporate Finance, Account Management, Business Development
Specialties: CRM & Sales

"After the first 4 intensive months we closed the first LogiQstar deal in Portugal. It is a great honor to be part of this Achievement!"






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